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2017-2018 Elite Team Rules & Policies

Region 3 Wins Elite Team Cup & Regional Team Championships

Congrats to the Region 3 Elite Team Cup for a hard fought win for both Junior Region Team and Elite Team Champs!!! Athletes: Josh Williams, Gage Dyer, Evan Davis, Alexei Vernyi, Ian Gunther, David Pochinka, and Griffin Kehler. Coaches: Yuri Khartsev, Sergei Pakanich , Igor Vernyi and Ben Fox!!!Region Chair Jerit Pogue welcome to the ETC with some great wins!!!!

Regional Team Camp Dates

Date Levels Location
June 4th-7th, 2017 Level 8-10 Junior Elite University of Oklahoma
June 22nd-25th, 2017 Level 6 & 7 Cypress Academy of Gymnastics
July 27th-30th Level 9 & 10 Junior Olympic World Champion Centre

2017 Regional Elite Team Qualifiers