Region III Rules & Policies            

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Table of Contents

             I.      Introduction

          II.      Communication

       III.      Contact Information

      IV.      Forms and Links

         V.      Regional Events

a.     Region III Championships

            1.  Bid Process

2.     Eligibility

3.  Individual Awards

4.     Team Competition

5.     Entry Fees

6.     Petitions

7.     Schedule

8.     Awards

9.     Meet Director Responsibilities

10.     Robert Cowan Award

11. Mark Williams Judge's Service Award

12. Region III Honor Award

b.    Region 3 Teams & Development Camps

c.     Future Star Evaluation

d.    Region III Congress

e.     Region III Clinic

      VI.      National Events

a.     Junior Olympic National Championships

b.    National Team Training Camps

c.     National Congress

d.    Future Stars & Coaches Workshop

   VII.      Regional Board

VIII.      Judging Information







USA Gymnastics, the Junior Olympic Mens Gymnastics governing body, divides our country into nine geographic regions, named Region(s) 1-9. Region III is comprised of the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. In Region III, we strive to provide the best opportunity for mens gymnastics development through competition and education.


The following pages include the description of events we provide to further mens gymnastics development in our region.





Please help us maintain the highest degree of professional courtesy for all members of the gymnastics community.


Gymnasts and Parents: We ask that you respect the chain of command in the gymnastics community. You should always communicate your concerns directly through your personal coach.


Coaches: We expect you to maintain the highest level of professionalism, which includes the responsibility of adhering to the standards set by the USAG National Rules & Policies. For brevity, we note a few of these policies, but have not recreated that document. Always put the gymnasts needs first. Represent your gymnasts and parents by acting as their liaison. Respectfully direct concerns as appropriate through the next chain of command:


Meet Director/Judge/State ChairmanRegional ChairmanMens Junior National Program Director.

Contact Information


Jerit Pogue   New!
Region III Chairman
13907 Oakwood Lane
Sugarland, Tx 77498
281-639-2206 cell or
George Edelen
Arkansas State Chairman
2718 Quarry Drive
Van Buren, AR 72956
479-926-3444 cell
Kyle Filiatreault 
Kansas State Chairman
3411 E Skinner
Wichita, Ks 67218
316-209-7817 work
James Clement
Louisiana State Chairman
14550 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, La 70819
Mike Filla 
Missouri State Chairman
315 W Pacific Ave
St Louis, Mo 63121
314-968-9494 work
314-302-1423 cell
Ben Fox 
Oklahoma State Chairman
3206 Bart Conner Drive
Norman, Ok 73072
405-447-7500 work
405-641-1812 cell
Wayne Thompson
Texas State Chair
1721 Fulton Street
Alvin, Tx 77511
Tom Meadows
Region III Team Coordinator
11707-B Huffmeister
Houston, Tx 77065
281-469-4599 work
Bill Foster
Region III Educational Director
14914 Forest Lodge Dr
Houston, Tx 77070
281-894-8400 work
Mike Thomas
Past Region III Chairman
9063 Bond
Overland Park, Ks 66214
913-438-4444 work
JT Fletcher
Region III Judging Liaison
(979) 777-2849 cell  
Gil Elsass
Past Region III Chairman - Current Webmaster
5000 Fairview Drive
Austin, Tx 78731
512-453-5551 work   512-431-8996 cell

USA Gymnastics National Office

132 E. Washington Street, Suite 700  

Indianapolis, IN 46204

1-317-237-5050  Main Number

1-800-345-4719 Member Services

Lisa Mendel  

Mens Program Manager


Dusty Ritter

Mens JO Program Coordinator


Dennis McIntyre

Mens Program Director



 Forms and Links
     Region III Entry Form (Html & MSWord)
     Region III Future Star Entry Form (Html) 
     NCAA Form for JO Nationals   Updated!
     Request for additional Coach Credentials Form   Updated!


     National Scholarship Application Form   Updated!
     Region III Injury Petition Form to Regionals/JO Nationals   Updated!
     Regional Championships Bid Form 
     Regional Championships Judging Request Form (Html)
    Regional Championship Judging Request Form (Word Doc)
     Regional Championships Judging Payrate Scale
     Region III Team Rules and Policies 
     Academic All American Form  (Then click Academic All American on the left side)
     USAG Men's Jo Rules and Policies
     National Future Star Information



Regional Events


Region III hosts five exciting events each year

a)     Region III Championships (April),

b)    Region III Congress (July),

c)     Region III Development Camps (June and/or July),

d)    Region III Clinic (September) 

e)     Region III Future Stars Testing (October)



Region III Championships

The Regional Championships is the culmination of the season for the Level 6 & 7'S athletes from the participating states. This is also the qualifying meet for the Junior Olympic Nationals for Levels 8, 9 & 10 (within certain age groups). This competition determines Regional Champions, helps to select our Region III Development Teams (Click here for Development Team) and our Regional Teams to J.O. Nationals. 


Regional Championships are typically held in April. It must be conducted four weeks prior to the National Championships.

Bid Process   (Click here for Regional Championship Bid Form)

Bids must be submitted in writing at or before the annual Regional Board Meeting held at the Regional Championships. The meet director must be a USAG professional member with an active involvement in the Mens Junior Program.


     The board votes on the site.

     If a State Chairman places a bid, that chairman will be excluded from voting.

     The Regional Chairman has the authority to pick the site or reselect the site, especially if there are changes to the following:

            a) Meet director & host gym

            b) Competition Facility

            c) Major changes with equipment

            d) meet date.

     The board may entertain bids on a two-year timeline.

     State Chairmen may elect to consult their constituency to review bids throughout the weekend. The final vote is due by Saturday evening session, so that the decision can be announced.



The USAG National Rules and Policies has a recommended list of age groups and levels that attend Regionals.  Upon approval from USAG, each Region is allowed to make changes to those recommendations.  The following individual levels/age groups qualify to Regional Championships by achieving the all-around qualifying score at their State Championships. The posted qualifying scores are typically reviewed and updated in February; please note the revised date in parentheses.



Age Groups

Qualifying All-Around Scores (2016 scores)

Level 6

7,8 yrs

9 yrs


12,13 yrs

50.00 a/a 2016 scores

Level 6

10 yrs

48.00 a/a 2016 scores

Level 7

9,10 yrs

11 yrs,

12-13 yrs

52.00 a/a 2016 scores

Level 8

11,12 yrs

13,14 yrs,

15-18 yrs

60.00 a/a 2016scores

Level 9

13,14 yrs

15-18 yrs

60.00 a/a 2016 scores

Level 10

15-16 yrs,

17-18 yrs

60.00 a/a 2016 scores



     If necessary, qualifying scores are adjusted around the first of February each year.

     Levels 4 & 5 will not compete at Regional Championships

     Age is determined as of September 1st per National R&P.

     You may NOT add one year to a gymnasts age.  There is no longer any age bumping.

     Gymnasts are asked not to move competitive levels upwards and backwards during the season.

     Gymnasts must remain in the level/age group that they competed at the State Championships.

     Top three athletes from each level/age group at State Championships qualify to Regional Championships, regardless of their score.

     Specialists: Only Level 10 athletes may qualify as a specialist to Regional Championships if he places in the top three on an individual event at the State Championships. He is required to pay the entire entry fee.

     Elite level gymnasts are allowed to compete at Regional Championships at no charge.


Individual Awards

     Awards will be separated by the Junior Olympic and Junior Elite divisions and will be presented 1-6 places for the single year ages groups in each event and 1-10 in all around.

     If there are less than 6 individuals in a Level and Age group, individual event awards are not required and all gymnasts will receive an all around award.

     All participating gymnasts in the Regional Championships will receive a commemorative Region III Medal.


Team Competition

It is recommended that the Team Awards are presented just prior to the Individual Awards.  The following levels/age groups are observed in the team competition.


Team Competition Titles

Level 6, 7-9yrs

Level 6, 10-11yrs

Level 6, 12-13yrs

Level 7, all ages combined

Level 8, all ages combined

Level 9, all ages combined

Level 10, all ages combined



     A team must have three gymnasts in a level/age group to be eligible for the team competition.

     The top three scores per event create the team score.

     There is no charge to enter the team competition.



Entry Fees

$125-150 per gymnast (January 16) (See the 4th bullet point below for variation in the Entry Fee) 


     All entry fees are remitted to the Regional Chairman no later than the Tuesday immediately following the State Championships.

      $20 of each entry fee will be returned to the Region III Chairman to assist in the running of the development camps.

     Regional Chairman has the autonomy to raise the rate (not to exceed the National R&P of $125) should the meet director show acceptable budgetary reasons.

     Gymnasts who are doing the Technical Sequences may be charged an entry fee not to exceed $150.00.

     No team fees are charged

     No head tax is required to the state

     National Scholarship Foundation Tax is due ($1/gymnast per National R&P)

     All entries must be turned in to their State Chairman at the State Championships. The entries must be one-day mailed to the Regional Meet Director within 24 hours of the State Championships.

     State Chairman collects all of the entries, mails one check for $20 per gymnast to the Regional Chairman and mails the balance of each entry to Regional Championship Meet Director in one check.


Petitions for Region III Championships (click here for petition form)

The petitioning process is as follows:

     The coach of petitioning gymnast must contact their State Chairman and submit petition

     State Chairman approves or denies petition directly to the coach

     Coach must remit petition with entry form and entry fees at State Championships



Ideally, The Region III Championships take place from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. We are aware of the commitment parents and coaches make to secure travel arrangements. However, we no longer set the schedule in advance. Instead, we post a tentative schedule and wait until we receive all entries to post the final schedule.


A typical schedule in the past has been:

Level 6's Friday morning and afternoon  (2 sessions)

Level 8 Friday evening

Level 9-10s Saturday morning and afternoon

Level 7s Saturday evening -

Technical Sequence Meet on Saturday morning, finishing at noon on Sunday.

(The 6's might move to Sunday and the 7's move to Friday)



     The Region III Chairman must approve all schedules prior to posting.



Minimally, Individual and All-Around Awards will be presented as outlined by the USAG Rules & Policies.  



     The Region III Chairman must approve all awards.

     The Meet Director will order and pay for all awards.

     When possible, a minimum of 3 awards for team will be presented. 

     If there are more than 6 teams, it is recommended that at least 50% of the total teams entered in a level/age group receive an award.


Meet Director Responsibilities

Once the meet has been awarded, the meet director is responsible to adhere to the National Rules & Policies and work closely with the Region III Chairman to assure Region III Rules & Policies are observed.



     Host Organization must provide copies of written contracts to the Regional Chairman no later than 30 days after the bid has been accepted.  These contracts are to include the facility, lodging and equipment.

     Host Organization will negotiate the best possible rate with hotels and have a sufficient number of rooms blocked to handle the group.

     Host Organization must request and pay for a sanction for this event.

     Host will purchase individual, all around and team awards from the approved vendor.

     After having all final information approved by the Regional Chairman, the Host Organization must have meet information posted on a website or make the meet information available to the Regional Chairman no later than 90 days prior to the event.

     The Host Organization will verify that all participating coaches are current USAG professional members and are safety-certified in order to comply with the USAG liability insurance coverage requirements.

     The host will ensure that the current USAG Men's Rules & Policies are followed completely for the Event.  Any variance from these procedures must be approved by the Region III Chairman.

     The host will assume responsibility for the costs and all arrangements for travel, hotel, per diem (or meals), and local transportation for the 13 Judges.

     The host will make available one medical trainer, to be present for all training and competition sessions. 

     The host will provide an emergency first aid facility and first aid supplies on site during all training and competition sessions.

     Host Organization will provide for a conference room for the Region III Board Meeting.  Date and time to be determined.

     The host will be responsible for producing an event program.

     The host will provide personnel to adequately staff this event. This includes, but not limited to, providing all auxiliary personnel, such as scorekeepers, clerical support, runners, flashers, etc.

     The host will submit a Profit & Loss Statement to the Regional Chairman by June 1st, detailing standard income and expense items.



Robert Cowan Award

Robert Cowan was the first Region III Director, serving from 1974-1985. He was the author of the first National Rules & Policies for the USAG Junior Olympic Program. He is also a past USAG Mens Program Administrator.


     This award is for outstanding contribution to Region III.

     The recipient is voted by the State Chairmen.

     The award is announced (and should be presented) at the Regional Championships


Recipient List

1986 Robert Cowan

1987 Mike Thomas

1988 Dave Strobel

1989 Bob Lockwood

1990 Jim McKinney

1991 Jim Culhane

1992 Mark Williams

1993 Brian Cooper

1994 Tim Erwin

1995 Gil Elsass

1996 Frank Tardo

1997 Bill Foster & Wally Miller

1998 Kevin Mazeika

1999 Jon Paris

2000 Steve Glickley

2001 Dean Matthews

2002 Kevin Muenz

2003 Diana Duane & Tom Meadows

2004 Mark Sherman

2005 Yuejin Sun

2006 Scott Wright

2007 Ben Fox

2008 Terry Williams

2009 Wally Meierarend & Larry Brooks

2010 Marc Yancey

2011 Hideo Mizoguchi

2012 Greg Schram

2013 Darrin Grogan

2014 Bo Morris

2015 Mark W Williams


Mark Williams Judge's Service Award

Mark Williams was the first Region III Judging Liaison and has served as a Private Club Coach, High School Coach and TGJA Judge for over 25 years.


     This award is for outstanding contribution to Region III from someone in the Judging Community.

     The recipient is voted by the State Chairmen.

     This awards is not necessarily an annual event.

     The award is announced (and should be presented) at the Regional Championships


Recipient List

2009 Mark Williams - Texas

2010 Jim McKinney - Texas

2011 Kevin Knee - Louisiana

2012 Brian Cooper - Kansas

2012 Chris Rippy - Arkansas

2012 Mark Sherman - Texas

2013 Dean Matthews

2014 Eric Briley & Ernie Kirkham - Texas

2015 Daniel Keating - Texas


Region III Honor Award

In 2011, the Region III Board created a new award designed to honor someone who has made a major contribution to the sport and all of the participants. This award will not necessarily be an annual event.


Recipient List

2011 Brian Schenk - Texas

2012 Steve Glickley - Kansas

2013 Tom Meadows - Texas

2014 Mike Thomas - Kansas

2015 Bill Foster - Texas


Region III Team & Development Camps


Click here for a copy of the Region III Team Rules and Policies  Updated 3/1/16


Region III has a long history of recognizing, rewarding and developing our standout athletes from the Region III Championships. We have established the Region III Development Teams, based on the placement from the Championships. These boys and their coaches are invited to a five-day camp, held typically in late July, to train with our Regional Coaching staff.


We recognize the following Regional Championships finishers as part of our Regional Development Teams:



     The Regional Chairman will choose the sites for the camps.

     Regional Chairman has the discretion of allocating funds to cover various expenses associated with these camps.

     Athletes are responsible for traveling expenses and a small expense for the camp.



Region III Future Stars Evaluation


The Future Stars Program is an athlete development and education program created by USA Gymnastics. The Regional Future Stars testing is typically held in October, at least three weeks prior to the National Future Stars in Colorado Springs. The evaluation is for three age groups: 8-9yrs, 10-11yrs & 12yrs. Refer to the J.O. Program Book for routines, strength and flexibility requirements.


Click here for an overview of the National Future Star Program.

Click here for National Future Star Championship Information. 



Region III Congress


Region III Mens and Womens Programs conducts this annual educational seminar, typically in late July.


     The Regional Education Director is responsible to coordinate mens lectures and clinicians



Region III Clinic


Each year, the region will hold a USAG Sanctioned clinic emphasizing the development of both the coach and gymnast. This is typically held in late September; the selected site is usually geographically centered in our region, i.e. Oklahoma City, Dallas/Ft. Worth area.



National Events


Junior Olympic National Championships

The J.O. Nationals is the final competition for the age group program. All Level 9 (12-13yrs) & Level 10 (14-15yrs & 16-18yrs) qualifiers from Regions 1-9 participate in this prestigious event. There is also a Regional Team competition described below.

Entry to National Championships

All entries must be turned into the Regional Chairman at the conclusion of the Regional Championships. The Regional Chairman will 1 day mail the entries to the National Meet Director.

Region Team to Nationals:

There is no longer a Regional Team competition at JO Nationals.  The newly established Elite Team Cup is the new regional team championships to be held in conjunction with the American Cup.

Petition onto the Region Team:

Unless the National Office overrides this rules, petitions will not be considered for placement onto the Region III Team to JO Nationals in any of the three groups.

Specialist to Nationals:

The top five (5) Level 10 gymnasts (in each age group - 15,16 & 17,18) on each event at the Regional Championships may compete at the Junior Nationals as a specialist in the event provided that:

1) They do not qualify in the All Around by score or allotment.

2) They are in an age group that qualifies them to Junior Nationals.

Junior Olympic National Championships:

Entry forms and fees are due at the Regional Championships. Checks from state directors should be made to Region 3 Gymnastics. Beginning in 2016, the entry fee is $165 per gymnast, including specialists.  

2013 USAG Junior Olympic National Age Groups & Qualifying Scores

The JOPC reviews and establishes the qualifying process for the Junior Olympic National Championships which may be by qualifying score, allotment system or by a combination of the two methods.  The qualification process will be posted on the USA Gymnastics website by April 1 of each year.

Competition will take place in two divisions.  1) Junior Olympic and 2) Junior Elite.

Qualifying using a minimum score and/or allotment will be set by the JOPC for each of the following age groups:  Level 8 (11,12 yrs), Level 9 (13,14 yrs), Level 10 (15,16 yrs) and Level 10 (17,18 yrs)

It is the goal of the National Office to set a target number of qualifiers to Nationals not including petitions.  Because of this, there is an established allotment for each Level.  Boys who fall within the allotment, will be invited to JO Nationals.  The allotment is set in March of each year.

Academic All American Award:

Each year coaches should check with High School Students within their gym to see if anyone would be eligible for this academic award. Please refer to the National Rules and Policies for a complete set of guidelines. Due date for applications is February 1st.  Please see the new form on the Men's Program website.

Service to Youth Award:

Any coach who is currently a USA Gymnastic Professional Member is eligible for this award if they have given service for exact periods of 5, 10 or 15 years. Volunteer service should be connected with the USA Gymnastics. Examples are: State or Region Directorships, Committee Membership, National Coaching Staff, National Board membership, etc. This is not an award for the number of years a person has been coaching. Possible selections for this award should be forwarded to the Regional Director or National Director by the first of April each year.


National Team Training Camps

National Top 8 Camp:

The top 8 Level 10 (16-18 years) and top 8 Level 10 (14-15) finishers at the J.O. Nationals will qualify for the Junior National Team Camp. Meetings at Nationals must be attended to confirm spots. If your gymnast has a chance of being in the top 8, coach and gymnast should get a passport prior to J.O. Nationals.

Level 10 National Development Camps:

Places 9-25 in each of the 16-18 Level 10 & 14-15 Level 10 and top 7 level 9's are eligible a development camp at the USOTC. Meetings at J.O. Nationals must be attended to confirm spots.

National Congress

Typically held in June in conjunction with the USA Championships, the senior qualifying meet.



National Future Stars & Coaches Workshop

Boys selected from the Regional Evaluation will attend the National Future Stars Testing. The meet will be held in November if possible. A national coaches workshop will be included in the three-day event.  Age group development camps for some of the top finishers will take place in the summer of the following year. Check the USAG Rules and Guidelines (click here) for more details.

Region III will identify one developing coach to send to the National Coaches Workshop each year.  The Region will pay for travel and room & board at the Olympic Training Center. State Chairman will nominate deserving coaches for this opportunity.

 Region III Board


The Region III Board is made up of the following people.


Voice & Vote

Region III Chairman (1)

State Chairman (6)


Voice, No Vote

Region III Judging Liaison (1)

Region III Team Coordinator (1)

Region III Educational Director (1)

Any past Region III Chairman (1+)



Election is held every three years at the Board meeting that is held in conjunction with the Region III Championships. 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, etc)

Responsibilities for the Regional Director are outlined in the USAG Rules and Guidelines Booklet. Below is a list of items that are specific to Region III.

Regional Championship Responsibilities

     Secure bids for the Championships  -  <Click here for bid form>

     Make sure to give the meet director all pertinent information concerning the running of the meet.

     Appoint a Judging Liaison and Meet Referee (may be the same person)

     Work with the Region III Board and Judging Liaison to secure judges for the Championships.

     Set up meeting site for the Annual Regional Board Meeting

     Serve as Chairman for Annual Regional Meeting held at Regional Championships.

     Set meeting agenda and prepare upcoming annual calendar.

     Size all of the Region III Team Members and return sizing samples to Elite Sportswear.

     Post all of the results on the Region III Website

     Organize all of the National Entry forms and entry checks.



Region III Jr. Development Camp Responsibilities

     Establish site and dates

     Prepare all correspondence. This includes congratulations, information and medical history forms.

     Approve schedule

     Secure coaches


Future Stars and Clinic Responsibilities

     Conduct Future Stars Testing by securing location, judges, entry information and final schedules.

     Organize the Region III Clinic.


Additional Responsibilities

     Maintain the Region III website.

     Maintain the Region III Rules and Policies.

     Maintain open communication with the State Chairman.

     Attend as a voting member the JOPC meeting(s). 

     Maintaining and reconcile the Region III checking account. 



State Chairman

Duties for the State Chairman are outlined in the USAG Rules and Guidelines Booklet. Below is a list of items that are specific to Region III.

State Chairman Duties

     Maintain an updated list of all gymnasts and clubs in the state.  The list of clubs should be forwarded to the Regional Chairman.

     Maintain electronic communication with all state coaches.  Forward all Regional and National information to all professional members.

     Secure bids and conduct the State Championships

     Conduct an annual State Clinic (if possible)

     Conduct State Chairman elections every two years. (odd years)

     State Chairman may appoint a state board if necessary

     Attend the State Championships

     Attend the Regional Championships

     Approve or disapprove petitions to the State Championships.  Receive and make recommendations for all petitions to the Regional Championships.

     Maintain an open line of communication with the local judging organization.

     Open and maintain the state USA Gymnastics bank account. Keep all records for a period of at least five years.

     Attend all board meetings and conference calls or assign a proxy.

     Mail State Meet results to the Regional Chairman within 24hrs of the State Meet. 

     Collect all entry fees, mail one check to the Regional Chairman for $30 per gymnast and one check for the balance of each entry to the Regional Meet Director.

     Convert all State Meet results to HTML format and forward to the Regional Chairman within one week of the State Meet

     One-day mail all Regional Entries to the Regional Meet Director within 24 hours of the State Championships


State Chairman Duties in reference to the Regional Board Meeting

     Attend all board meetings or conference calls or assign a proxy.

     Items that must be brought to the meeting.

a)  An annual report of the state and USAG sponsored activities.  This report should include numbers of gymnasts, their levels and number of coaches and clubs.

b)  A detailed Profit and Loss Statement for the USA Gymnastic State Account.

1. List all sources and amounts of income

2. List all check written from the account. (This can be as simple as copying the check register.)

c)  Include a copy of the most recent bank account statement to verify bank balances.

d)  The minutes of the latest State Coaches meeting.


Outgoing State Chairman Duties

     Outgoing chairman should attend the regional board meeting with the incoming chairman.

     The following items MUST be transferred within 30 days of the election.

a)  All bank statements from the term of office.  (No less than 5 years worth of records.)

b)  A copy of all past reports.

c)  Most recent list of coaches, gymnasts and judges within the state.


Region III Judging Liaison

The liaison is a judge who typically is the meet referee. He assists with judging logistics before, during and after the Championships.

     Act as a liaison between the judging community and the regional board.
     Requested to be present at the Annual Board Meeting.  This will be a voice/no vote position.
     Will directly communicate with the Regional Chairman regarding judging logistics for the Regional & National Championships.
     Provide and use the National Inquiry form for any questions the coaches may have concerning a gymnasts performance.
     Schedule two judge panels for at least the National bound gymnasts. (Levels 9-10)
     Provide a meet report to the JOVP and the Regional Chairman. The scope of the report should be focused on coachs education. The report must be in a format that could be uploaded on the website. (Html or Doc)
     Submit to the Regional Chairman, for approval, the pay sheets for all of the judges before turning them into the meet director.

Region III Team Coordinator

The Team Coordinator is responsible for the technical direction for our developing athletes. He provides direction for the Region III Development Camps, the Region III Clinic and Future Stars Testing. He works closely with the Regional Chairman and the Regional Education Director.



     Work with Region III Chairman to secure dates and location for the camps.

     Prepare written information to send to the parents.  This includes general congratulations, information sheets and medical history forms.

     Give hosts all of the pertinent information concerning the running of the event.

     Secure, with the help of the Region III Chairman, a staff for the camp(s).

     Create a final camp schedule with the approval of the Region III Chairman.

     Make sure that each event has its own USAG sanction.

     Be a Clinician at the Region III Clinic

     Run the Future Star Testing including securing location and judges, mailing or posting meet information and entry forms, collecting entries and preparing them for processing.


Region III Educational Director

The Educational Director assists with educational needs of the Region. He works closely with the Regional Chairman and Region III Team Coordinator.



     Organize the Region III Clinic that should be held in the fall (typically September).

     Work with the National Office to secure speakers for the Region III Congress that is held during the summer.

The items listed within this booklet are to serve as guidelines for Region III only. Changes may be made with the approval of the Regional Director.

Board meetings

An annual board meeting is always held at the Regional Championships. A second meeting may be conducted at Future Stars or Clinic.



     Regional Chairman sets agenda

     Regional Chairmans vote should be used to break ties

     Professional Members are allowed to attend with no voice/no vote

     A State Chairman may appoint a proxy

     Regional Chairman may initiate conference calls, as needed



Judging Information


Selection of Judges - Regional Championships

Two judges (nationally rated who have judged three J.O. meets in which Level 9 & 10's routines were used) are required on each event during the Level 9 & 10 sessions. Regional representation is strongly recommended if possible. Any judge from the region who has been selected to judge J.O. Nationals is automatically selected for the panel.  Although it is not required, it is preferable to use two judges on each event for the Level 6-8's.

Time Table for Judges Selection:

1) Dec-Jan : Initially, the Region III Judging Liaison will begin requesting Judging Request Forms from all of those who wish to Judge the Region III Championships.  The Regional Chairman will compile a list of judges who submit the Judging Request Form and forward the list to each of the State Chairman. All Judges must be USAG Professional Members and Safety Certified.  Only judges who are interested and available to judge the meet are to be submitted. Any Judges who wishes to be considered must complete the Judging Request Form and submit it to the Region III Chairman.

2) Feb 1 - 15: A Conference Call with the Regional Board will be initiated to select the panel of judges.   The Region III Judging Liaison will be given the selected panel, so that they can be contacted.    Should the timetable not be met, the Regional Director has the authority to select the panel.

3)  Selection as follows: 

     Any judges from Region III who are judging JO Nationals are automatically on the panel.
     It is highly recommend that the judge selected also judges one of the state championships.
     Each State Chair receives one selection. This judge is not required to be from the State Chairs state.
     There will be 3-4 remaining places. The Region III Board will vote to fill these remaining places from the remaining list of candidates. The board would like to see at least one newcomer to the judging panel.
     The Regional Chairman selects the Meet Referee. This can be, but is not required to be the Region III Judging Liaison.  The expense for the Meet Referee is borne by the Meet Director.
     The Regional Chairman, Judging Liaison and the Regional Meet Director will coordinate travel arrangements.   

Judging Payrate:

Region 3 has a payrate of $900 per judge for the Region III Championships.  The Regional Meet Director has the option to may more than this amount if so inclined.

Judging Report:

The Region III Judging Liaison will provide a meet report to the JOVP and the Regional Chairman. The scope of the report should be focused on coachs education. Region III would like these reports in a format that could be uploaded on the website.