Texas Men’s Summer Coached Meeting

June 22, 2002

Best Western Suites – San Antonio, Texas


Meeting started at 1:15 p.m.

Estimated 56 coaches and 36 teams.


Item 1 – Kevin listed the members of the Executive and Games Committee.

Item 2 – A review of Texas in the 2001-02 season.


            State Meet Hosts must read and follow the Texas Rules and Policies for meet


            Kevin will tighten up wording on the Class 7 uniform ruling.

            Kevin will tighten up wording on the awards for the Class 6 & 7 State Meets.

Item 3 – Discussion of the restructuring of the Class 6 & 7 State Meet Boundary.  To

help even out the two meets, Austin and the surrounding area will now be

in the North State meet.  This will add about 70 gymnasts to the north.

Item 4 – Overview of the State Budget.

Item 5 – Greg Schram talked about the ITP Program at G.A.T. in September.


Item 6 – Region III Report (Gil Elsass)

1)      No foreign athlete may displace a US Citizen for an award ort placement on a regional or national team.  This rule is effect for all sanctioned events.

2)      All State and Regional Meet information will be on the web by September 1.

3)      Look for a new updated entry form on the web by September 1.  All entry forms must include foreign athlete notation, email address, cell phone numbers and fax numbers.

4)      Major changes in the Future Star routines.  Get them off of the USAG website.

5)      The Junior Staff will be vital in helping to organize the Region III Clinic.

6)      More recognition will be given to the 8,9’s at the Regional Future Star Evaluation beginning in 2002.

7)      Anyone interested in being a member of the new Age Group Committee should contact Bo Morris a.s.a.p.

8)      The Open Optional Routines may be adopted as part of the Age Group Program in 2004. Two more regions have adopted this age group for 2003.

9)      Class 5-E will exclusively use the Vault Table for Competition.

10)  The current Age Group Committee will begin releasing monthly updates in September.  (7a,7b,7c,etc) Last update cannot be after March 1.

11)  2004 J.O. Nationals will probably be in San Diego, CA.

12)  Items on the agenda for Cleveland Congress. A) Discussion of adding extra dollars to the entry fee cap at State, Regionals and Nationals. B) Changes in the 2003 qualifying scores for J.O. Nationals. C) Looking at standardizing judging rates at State, Regionals and Nationals. D) Looking into carrying over the Class 2 & 1 scores to the all around finals beginning in 2003.




Item 7 – Sims Scholarship Report

1)      Merrill Lynch is now handling the $1 from each athlete at a sanctioned event for investment purposes.

2)      Application for the Sim’s Scholarship will now be on the web in PDF format.

3)      Base amount for scholarship recipients has increased from $1000 to UP TO $3000.  Last year, one athlete did receive $3000. The total allocated in 2003 was $10,500.

4)      New requirements for proving that an athlete is going to school.  Athletes will be required to have school information to the Sim’s Scholarship President by August 1st.

5)      2002 Recipients were Vu Huyah, Smeer Mehto, Sean Townsend, Todd Thorton, Greg Stine and Chris Rodriguez.

6)      The Sim’s Foundation provided shirts to the World Team Members in 2001.

7)      A new Sim’s Video needs to be made to show at the 6&7 State Meet.  Kevin offered to assist in the production.

8)      Currently, the fund has close to $53,000.

Item 8 – Texas State Calendar (See attached)

Item 9 – Mark Williams (OU) will be the chief clinician at this year’s G.A.T.

Item 10 – High School Report (Todd Vesley)

1)      High School is the only area where your tax dollars directly support the gymnastics program.  Coaches need to talk up the program and get parents involved.

2)      National H.S. Championships were held in Las Vegas at Circus Circus.  Texas boys and girls each placed third team.  Terry Williams ran the meet.

3)      Todd Vesley is the new National High School President for Gymnastics.

Item 11 – Judging Report (Mark Sherman)

1)      Mark discussed the makeup of the National and Texas judging boards.

2)      Judging is not a hobby, but a profession.

3)      Each judge is required to dress professionally and know all of the appropriate rules.

4)      Mark Williams is the NAL on Vault, Pat Fallin is the JONAL on Pommel Horse and Mark Sherman is the NAL on Pommel Horse.

5)      TGJA has many of the top judges in the country.

6)      Tom Meadows made the comment that there are no surprises in scoring with our gymnasts and coaches when they reach top competition.  This shows consistency in our judging throughout the region.

7)      2001 Judges cup had over 130 gymnasts.

8)      2002 NGJA Course will be held in conjunction with the Future Star Evaluation on October 19, 2002 in Dallas.  Over 99% of the course will be geared to the Junior Program.  Fee will be $65 and the course will be held at Highland Park High School.

Item 12 – Kevin made a comment that the meeting of the Games Committee two weeks

prior to the general coaches meeting helps to streamline and organize the agenda.



1)      Raise the Class 6 & 7 Entry Fee to $50 in 2003.  33 for  2 opposed – PASSED

2)      Split the $2000 Sim’s Scholarship fee from 6&7 State on a percentage basis of registered athletes between the two state meets.  33 for 2 opposed  - PASSED

3)      Maximum amount paid for admission for any state meet would be the cost of one session.  27 for  0 opposed – PASSED.


ELECTION for State Bookkeeper – Jeff Dow was nominated and was elected.



South 6&7 State – Houston Gymnastic Club

North 6&7 State – HEB Gymnastics

Class 5-E State – Lone Star Gymnastics


Meeting Adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully yours,

Gil Elsass & Tim Erwin.


Calendar Section







Aug 7-11

USAG Congress


Cleveland, OH


Sep 1-3



Austin, Tx


Oct 5

Region  3 Clinic



Gil Elsass 512-453-551

Oct 19

Future Star Evaluation


Dallas, Tx

Gil Elsass 512-453-5551

Oct 19,20

NGJA Judging Course


Highland Park HS

Mark Sherman

Nov 9

Judges Cup


Ft Worth

Terry Williams

Nov 14-17

National Future Star Evaluation


Colo Spgs, CO

USAG 317-237-5050

Dec 7

Houston North Inv

HoustonNorth Gymnastics

Houston, Tx

Bill Foster

Dec 7,8

Aerial Works Classic

Aerial Works


Sam Seidel

Dec 13-15


World Olympic

Plano, Tx


Dec 14

Basel Inv

Basel’s Gym

Houston, Tx

John Basel






Jan 11,12

Ricky Deci Inv


Houston, Tx

Hideo Mizoguchi

Jan 18,19

Capital Inv


Pflugerville, Tx

Chris Brashier

Jan 18,19

Flips Winter Blast




Jan 18

Achievers Inv


Denton, Tx

David Foster

Jan 18,19

LeBentemp Inv


Baton Rouge, La

Chuck McLellan

Jan 25,26

GymMaster Inv

Houston Gymnastics Academy

Houston, Tx

Kevin Mazeika

Jan 25

Hill Country Inv


Boerne, Tx


Feb 1

Lone Star Inv

Lone Star

Ft Worth, Tx

Scott Crouse

Feb 1,2

Friendship Inv

North Star Gym

McKinney, TX


Feb 1

Gymnast Factory Inv

Gymnast Factory

Houston, Tx

Wade Winter

Feb 7-9

Winter Nationals




Feb 8,9

Alamo Inv

Alamo Gym

San Antonio, Tx

Chuck Rowell

Feb 14,15

Juergens Inv

Juergens Gym

Humble, Tx

Juergen Achterman

Feb 14,15

Kick It Classic

Spirals Gym

Ft Worth, Tx

Terry Williams

Feb 22,23

Spinner Inv


Austin, Tx

Gil Elsass 512-453-5551

Feb 22,23

DFW Classic


Dallas, Ft Worth


Feb 22,23

ASI Boys Winter Classic


Dallas, Tx

Ty Medlin

Mar 1

Flippers Inv

Flipper Gym

Garland, Tx

Kevin Muenz

Mar 1

Bryan Inv

Bryan HS

Bryan, Tx

JT Fletcher

Mar 7,8

Houston Inv


Houston, Tx

Tim Erwin

Mar 29

Basel’s All Star Inv

Basel’s Gym

Houston, Tx

John Basel

Mar 29

Maximum Horsepower Inv

Houston North Gym

Houston, Tx

Bill Foster

Mar 22,23

Texas 5-E State

Lone Star Gym

Ft Worth, Tx

Scott Crouse

April 5,6

Texas North 6&7 State


Hurst, Euless, Bedford


April 5,6

Texas South 6&7 State


Houston, Tx

Tim Erwin

April 11-13

Region III Championships

Capital Gym

Pflugerville, Tx

Chris Brashier & Gil Elsass 512-453-5551

April 20


The Lord



May 7-11

J.O. Nationals


Savannah, GA